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 About the artist

Brian Sisson, a Hermosa Beach California native, paints striking images that reflect beach life. Born in 1956, Brian attended local Catholic schools and El Camino college before attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Musician, bodysurfer, marketing expert, local eccentric.He has worked in the commercial art world since 1976, as Art Director, Illustrator, Creative Director and Photographer. Brian recently took the leap into fine arts, painting in acrylics onto large canvases. His paintings are sought after by art collectors and beach lovers worldwide. He is also one of a select number of California artists in the Disney Artists Corner ( along with the famed Thomas Kincaid and SHAG), with canvases and prints selling at Disneyland.

 His genuine love for the beach lifestyle is evident in his images, sun drenched views of those little observations of scenery that go overlooked by most painters. More reflective than sentimental, Brian Sisson's timeless imagery evokes the true casual attitude of small Southern California beach communities. The viewer feels as if he/she can walk right into the calming scenes.

He states: " I purposefully don't include people in most of my images, I'm impressed with the unexpected unpopulated moments of stark geometric scenery that the beach community offers up. You look to your left on a fall day, and you glimpse a startling view of something mundane, a parking meter or a view of a normal walk street, and you make a mental snapshot. These little moments of thanksgiving are what people carry around in their heads, and they make life more enjoyable. I take those and create them on large canvases, an affirmation of the little appreciations we all share".

Brian's new subjects include famous Los Angeles eateries, the Pacific Coast Highway, rural California scenics and even modern tiki paintings. Prolific and dynamic, Brian Sisson creates truly modern and distinctive, beautiful canvases and limited edition prints.

Brian has a lowbrow art alter ego: BigB

Big B creates Kar Kulture art, tiki art, girlie art and whacky retro designs and interiors.

Big B art is marketed through alternate channels owing to the very different nature of the material. To see Big B art, visit here.

Available at Riley Art in Manhattan Beach and Dion Gallery in Redondo Beach.

the new seriesunder way now

Buenaventura Series

Contact Brian Sisson at sissondesign@earthlink.net

PRICES $ and available PRINTS here

Agents: RemyStudio 310-376-3505

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Brian also paints MURALS